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Meet The Team

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Upcoming events

Please join our specialists throughout the year as they discuss tips on how to improve your brain's daily balance.

These are free events with the intent to raise awareness and fundraise for Seattle Dizzy Group: a support group for individual's with vestibular/balance disorders and Vestibular Disorders Association a leader in awareness and advocacy for vestibular conditions.

If you are unable to join us for the live event, the videos will be available to view in our "video vault

Boost Your Brain's Balance Series Videos

Special Annual Event

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Please join us to celebrate together VEDA's Balance Awareness Week! We will offer a short balance discussion followed by updates and events coming to reconnect.

Please check out ways to support Balance Awareness Week (Sept 18-24) hosted by Vestibular Disorders Association (VEDA). More information

Rest & Digest

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Seasons change, symptoms change

Join Vestibular Physical Therapy Specialists Dr. Becca Switzer and Dr. Morgan Kriz to learn ways to manage persistent symptoms during stressful times and prepare your body for seasonal changes.

JOIN HERE on event days 

Zoom meeting ID for all events: 765 700 030

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