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Please join us as we kick off our 2021 Boost Your Brain's Balance Series with "Love Yourself" theme Saturday Feb 6 at noon (PST)

JOIN HERE on day of event

Upcoming events

Please join our specialists throughout the year as they discuss tips on how to improve your brain's daily balance.

These are free events with the intent to raise awareness and fundraise for Seattle Dizzy Group: a support group for individual's with vestibular/balance disorders and Vestibular Disorders Association a leader in awareness and advocacy for vestibular conditions.
If you are unable to join us for the live event, the videos will be available to view in our "video vault" for a small donation

Boost Your Brain's Balance Series Videos

See what you have missed:

Check out all of our Boost Your Brain's Balance series videos!

Optimize your optics

Dr. Lisa Dok is a neuro optometrist and will discuss common and uncommon visual conditions. She will be available for a Q&A.

It literally is in your head


In this series we will discuss the invisible condition of a vestibular disorder and how to develop coping strategies for your brain

Special Annual Event

In honor of Balance Awareness Week (Sept 12-18) we bring you our annual event to get some balance in our lives! This is an event you won't want to miss! 

Rest & Digest

Guest Speakers 

Join us for our "Rest and Digest" event to include specialists to discuss improving nutrition and sleep quality.

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