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The purpose of the Vestibular Therapy/Rehabilitation is to help with natural neurological retraining for your brain. Your brain can develop inappropriate neurological patterns that send confusing messages to your brain. This “error signal” is what may cause symptoms of “dizziness”. Error signals can occur with the onset of a disease, trauma or insult to the body/inner ear. These error signals can also gradually develop based on daily habits and patterns the eyes, ears and body develop over time. The longer the error signal has been going on, the more time and appropriate measures need to be instilled to see results.


Evidence-based programs are designed to help the brain compensate by utilizing other systems such as your neck/body, eyes and incorporate lifestyle modifications to allow your vestibular system to strengthen and heal. A Vestibular Therapist specializes in this treatment. 


Physical Therapists that specialize in Vestibular Rehabilitation take extensive courses beyond the general training in graduate school. Our Vestibular Physical Therapists work specifically with these types of cases, so they understand how best to manage an inner ear disorder from a physiological and psychological perspective. 


Having an accurate diagnosis, having a customized rehab program and modifying lifestyle changes to rewire your brain will help decrease and eventually resolve dizziness symptoms. This can take time, but when you are on the correct path, have the appropriate team and resources, you will see improvements. 


At Vestibular Therapy Specialists, our providers are certified in Vestibular Rehabilitation (Therapy) and can help you regain control of your balance, help manage your symptoms. This will make you feel better and get your life back.

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