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Vestibular Therapy Specialists are physical therapists in clinical practices that focus primarily on inner ear disorders. We are inspired daily to work with patients and other dedicated professionals to help manage vestibular conditions. We provide evaluation, treatment and education that empowers patients to know they can regain control of their lives when dealing with vertigo or imbalance. 

We work closely with medical providers including otolaryngologists (ENTs), audiologists, neurologists, nutritionists, radiologists, psychologists, optometrists/neuro-ophthalmologists, massage therapists, naturopathic doctors, physicians, and many physical and occupational therapistsWe have seen many complex cases of vertigo and gained an understanding to efficient evaluation and treatment options for managing vestibular disorders.

It can take a multidisciplinary approach to manage some vestibular conditions and it is important to have a good team that supports you. 

VisualEyes Infrared Video Frenzel Goggles

At our clinic locations, the use of Infrared Video Frenzel Goggles will assess nystagmus (eye movement) to properly diagnose an inner ear disorder.


Since the eyes and the ears talk to one another, these goggles allow our specialists to be most effective with their diagnosis and treatment plan. 

We also offer Teletherapy Sessions! 

Using a secure video conferencing platform, a comprehensive evaluation and treatment plan is designed to be performed in the convenience of your own home. No more having to drive to get specialized care. Learn more.

Group Classes

We offer baseline screening for balance and concussion management. We offer group classes for proactive approaches: fitness and strengthening, coping strategies and balance training.

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