Teletherapy Sessions

Using a secure video conferencing platform a comprehensive evaluation and treatment plan is designed to be performed in the convenience of your own home. No more having to drive to get specialized care.


In Clinic Sessions

At our clinic locations, the use of VisualEyes Infrared Video Frenzel Goggles will assess nystagmus (eye movement) to properly diagnose an inner ear disorder.


Since the eyes and the ears talk to one another, these goggles allow our specialists to be most effective with their diagnosis and treatment plan. 

We can come to you 

Please contact us below for more information about having a Vestibular Therapy Specialists come to you for services in your home, office, school or other location.


We offer baseline screens for balance and concussion management as well as group classes for vestibular therapy education and treatment.


Intake Forms  

Prior to your first appointment, we will send easy-to-use online intake forms. This gives our providers a better understanding about your medical health history and journey with your symptoms. 


Charge amounts vary based on time and resources needed by the patient. Contact us with questions.

Payment & Reimbursement 

We are not contracted with all major insurance providers. We do accept Medicare Part B. You will be asked to pay in full at time of your appointment. Payments for our sessions are made using a secure online payment platform called "Square". 


After your appointment is paid in full, we will submit a claim to your insurance company. You will receive direct reimbursement once the claim is processed (usually within 30 days of submission). If we are not contracted with your insurance company, the claim will be reimbursed as an "out of network" provider service.

Insurance Options

We are contracted with a limited amount of insurance providers and plans.

* We are a participating Medicare B provider

* We do accept Health Savings Accounts (HSA) and Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)




Any questions, please contact us.