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Boost Your Brain's Balance Class

Boost Balance Class

Gain more stability and balance in the comfort of your own home with our weekly class series










- A comprehensive pre and post-class balance assessment for best outcomes over 4 weeks

- Start of each class offers an educational presentation to learn more about your balance system and how it works


- Weekly implementation of evidence based neuromuscular exercises that are essential in stimulating and retraining the balance system 

- Q&A at end of session for any participant interested


Week 1 (Nov 30): Understanding your brain's balance system + initiate daily balance games at home

Week 2 (Dec 7): Strengthening and stabilizing body system


Week 3 (Dec 14): Fear of Falling + home safety 

Week 4 (Dec 21): "Eye" have better balance! + fun finale


- A safe environment for balance practice in the security of your own home

- Weekly exercises are customized to individual needs

- Offer 1-on-1 consults for home safety and/or work station design assessment 

- You will see progress with improved balance in 4 weeks if you commit to our expert's suggestions 

Gain control of your balance and improve your quality of life. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Join us live via Zoom on Mondays 11-12pm 

Nov 30- Dec 21 (4 weeks)

Can use insurance or $20/class

Limit 10 persons per class 

Register for "Boost Your Brain's Balance Class"

Register for "Boost Your Brain's Balance Class"

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